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best bluetooth headphones-最好的蓝牙耳机-Chrome扩展插件

找到最好的无线耳机,蓝牙耳机,以及更多 - 经过测试和评估
Find the best wireless headphones, Bluetooth earbuds, and more - tested and reviewed

best bluetooth headphones-最好的蓝牙耳机-Chrome扩展插件基本信息

扩展名称:best bluetooth headphones-最好的蓝牙耳机-Chrome扩展插件
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Finding the best wireless headphones, the best wireless earbuds, the best Bluetooth headphones, and the best Bluetooth earbuds can be a nightmare of epic proportions. Scrolling through endless ecommerce websites while trying to evaluate if the sound quality, bass level, and battery life is worth the money. Now, add to this the countless third party reseller websites with endless supplies of cheap earbuds and cheap headphones from China, and you’ve got a real mess on your hands.

This extension will help you quickly and easily find the best Bluetooth headphones throughout the entire web through a proprietary methodology that uses several scoring factors:

1) Sound Quality: The best wireless earbuds and the best wireless headphones have top notch sound quality. That means rich tones with crisp, non-hissy treble and deep, rich, thumping bass regardless of volume level. It goes without saying that only the best headphones and earbuds pass this test because they use the best audio driver hardware and software. That also usually means paying a higher price for the joy of sound, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

2) Bass Power: The worst part about headphones and earbuds can be bass. So the best wireless headphones for bass and the best wireless earbuds for bass use advanced technologies that make good out of a tough situation. Deep, rich tones are produced through the movement of airwaves, and wireless earbuds often can’t live up to the hype due to proximity to the ear. Over ear headphones are generally best for bass because of this fact, and will be a great standby for bass. Earbuds can be trickier, but we’ve managed to find several best earbuds for bass too.

3) Durability: The best wireless headphones are meant to be used on the go. That means drops, bumps, moisture, and storage are all critical factors in assessing which product to buy. The main idea is to find waterproof headphones or waterproof earbuds that are made of the best materials and without cutting corners. It’s part of the challenge of assessing these types of products, and can be difficult in a world of knockoff and cheaply manufactured consumer electronics.

4) Battery Life: Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth earbuds have never been more popular, but come with their own set of challenges. A wide variety of factors can impact Bluetooth headphones battery life, including volume, sound mixing options, and active noise canceling (ATC) features. Based on rigorous battery life testing, we can recommend the best Bluetooth headphones for battery life.

5) Style: The best wireless earbuds have to look as good as they sound in order to qualify for our list. That means unique and high quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and wood grain. Or special features like color options or cord braiding. Even no tangle headphones need to look cool if you want to make the cut.

6) Comfort: The best Bluetooth headphones can be worn for the entire day with very little discomfort. This requirement is important to consider if you are spending the day at work, commuting, working out, and generally staying active. Do the earbuds or headphones cause uncomfortable squeezing or ear pain? Do they weigh too much? These important factors help us find the best wireless headphones.

This app points to in browser website headphones shopping information including up to date prices from lonelybrand.

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