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The Extension to Restore Sanity-恢复理智的延伸-Chrome扩展插件

Delete superfluous political riff-raff from news sites.

The Extension to Restore Sanity-恢复理智的延伸-Chrome扩展插件基本信息

扩展名称:The Extension to Restore Sanity-恢复理智的延伸-Chrome扩展插件
扩展版本:1.2.2    大小:63.99K
插件作者:William Silversmith
插件语言:English (United States)
用户数量:4764    评分:3.5(共5分)

The Extension to Restore Sanity Chrome插件图片预览

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The Extension to Restore Sanity-恢复理智的延伸-Chrome扩展插件介绍



- 没有失言:不包括包含“失言”的头条新闻
- 没有错误的故事,猜测或修辞问题:不包括合格的头条新闻
- 没有谈论要点排球:不包括“爆炸”变种的头条新闻
- 没有过分重要性:不包括“立法者”的头条新闻。
- No Low Blows:排除“打击”变种。
- No Spin Zone:排除标题中带有“spin”的标题。< br>
- 无偏见?:不包括专注于媒体偏见的头条新闻。
- 没有轰动效应:不包括提及“主流媒体”的头条新闻。

- 修复了一些可能导致信息框不会消失的错误
- 添加关闭按钮以便在发生这种情况时进行转义
- 减少科学和健康故事的误报
- 随机显示多个​​匹配时显示的规则
- 将CBS新闻添加到支持的网站列表

- 增加了“爆炸”的例外情况,以便不审查实际的爆炸事件


扩展最初的灵感来自Cracked.com上的一篇文章David Wong称之为“5种方式来发现BS
It’s election season. I know. You know. You can’t help but know, because there is a constant stream of bullshit streaming off the presses. Some of it (a vanishingly small percentage) is legitimate policy discussion or calls to action. Most of it simply horse-racing, tribalism, putting minor points under a magnifying glass, or things that would not even be newsworthy in a rational society. Enough.

The Extension to Restore Sanity is an extension for Google Chrome that activates when you navigate to a major news site. As of this writing, any headline links on the page meeting Wong’s criteria (or some elaborations on them) will be replaced by “Story hidden: ” followed by a short explanation. See the screenshots to get a better idea of what that looks like. At this time the extension supports the following rules:

Version 1.0:
- No Gaffes: Excludes headlines containing “gaffes”
- No Tenuous Stories, Speculations, or Rhetorical Questions: Excludes qualified headlines
- No Talking Points Volleyball: Excludes headlines with variants of “blasts”
- No Overstating Importance: Excludes headlines with “lawmaker”.
- No Low Blows: Excludes variants of “blow to”.
- No Spin Zone: Excludes headlines with “spin” in the title.

Version 1.1 Adds:
- Unbiased?: Excludes headlines that focus on media bias.
- No Sensationalism: Excludes headlines that mention the "mainstream media".

Version 1.2:
- Fixes some bugs that might cause the info box to not disappear
- Adds a close button to escape if that does happen
- Reduces false positives for science and health stories
- Randomizes the rule displayed if multiple match
- Adds CBS News to the list of supported sites

Version 1.2.1 and 1.2.2:
- Added exceptions for "blasts" to not censor actual explosions

Where applicable, exceptions are made to more accurately target political stories. Outside of the political realm, some of these rules, particularly the second rule, tends to accidentally hide legitimate information. Future updates will likely serve to improve the accuracy of the targeting (version 1.1 now conditions on URLs to improve the true positive rate for select news sites).

The extension was originally inspired by an article on Cracked.com by David Wong called "5 Ways to Spot a B.S. Political Story in Under 10 Seconds" (http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-ways-to-spot-b.s.-political-story-in-under-10-seconds/). The name of the extension was is tribute to “The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” that occurred in Washington D.C. in late 2010 hosted by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I believe this extension serves a common purpose: remove noise from the news and help elevate the level of debate. I hope that you find it useful!

Developers can find the code on github licensed under the MIT License: https://github.com/william-silversmith/extension-restore-sanity

This extension is not endorsed by Cracked.com, the organizers of "The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear", or any news website featured in demonstration screen shots. Other than their inspiration, as of this writing, it is wholly my own work and the work of my wonderful friends who tested it.

A somewhat more detailed version of this summary can be found here: http://williamsilversmith.posterous.com/the-extension-to-restore-sanity

Image Credits:

For the promotional image:

The horse appearing on the right hand side is a modified version of: http://www.briarpress.org/24846

The image was licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial 2.5: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/

The check mark appearing on the left hand side was a public domain image from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Checkmark.png
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