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Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件

Intelligently blocks adult/pornographic content by applying artificial intelligence to analyze images on every page

Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件基本信息

扩展名称:Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件
扩展版本:2.2    大小:1.26M
用户数量:2218    评分:4.5(共5分)

Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate Chrome插件图片预览

Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件图片1Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件图片2Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件图片3Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件图片4

Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate-来自vRate的智能互联网色情过滤器-Chrome扩展插件介绍




vRate is a Smart internet porn blocker that filters porn by analyzing images on a web page using the latest advances in artificial intelligence.   vRate gathers information about every image on each page and send this to a high performance cloud backend to intelligently determine offensive content.  All this happens at near real time to give you an un-interrupted browsing experience while keeping the internet safe for your children.   The smart filter replaces any images containing explicit nudity as well as images with racy content including revealing clothing and provocative poses. The sensitivity can be controlled through the settings page. vRate also blocks images in searches across popular search engines like Google, Bing apart from enforcing safe search.

Note: vRate does not store, record or analyze your data. The vRate browser extension operates by intercepting images prior to loading in Chrome. The intercepted images are analyzed in the cloud. Only publicly accessible urls of images are sent to our cloud backend. Our privacy policy is located at https://www.vrate.net/#!/privacy. Users may occasionally see slower loading times of websites due to traffic on the cloud. This is normal behavior and should automatically correct, however, if for any reason you believe the requests are being blocked for an abnormally long time, disabling & re-enabling the extension through the Chrome Extensions page should resolve the problem quickly.

While we apply the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence(AI) to deliver this service, current advancements are still short of comparable human accuracy. However, we believe that these are first steps towards the application of AI and image analysis to keep the internet safe for our children. In the fast changing internet of today, traditional techniques used by current internet filters are always a step behind. This is because static blacklists need to be constantly updated. Additionally seemingly innocuous websites like social networks, media sharing platforms, mixed-use websites, that are generally not blocked by blacklists also end up serving content that are sometimes not appropriate for children. The vRate smart filter overcomes this problem by applying the same intelligent rules to every web page page that it sees. Further, the Blacklists & Whitelists offered by the vRate filter allows users to customize the Filter behavior by selectively specifying sites to block or allow, which overrides the default functionality.

Disclosure: vRate applies the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to automatically determine obscene content without any manual intervention. However, like all services that depend on artificial intelligence, there is always a chance of error associated with the final determination made by the computer system.  The current error rate ranges from 4% to 15% and is largely dependent on the quality of the image and context.  Additionally, vRate applies several other rules to identify inappropriate content to ensure the maximum possible accuracy, but there is no guarantee of 100% accuracy and the possibilities of errors exist. vRate browser extension currently analyzes only images and replaces inappropriate ones with a warning image. A wide range of image formats are supported, but streaming videos, flash content, display ads and other media content that do not render as a supported image are not analyzed and will be displayed as is. Feature requests or issues can be reported at info@vrate.net. By use of this extension, you agree that you have read this disclosure and the terms and conditions located on https://vrate.net/#!/termsAndConditions and are fully aware of the behavior of this service.
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