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Color by Fardos-Fardos的颜色-Chrome扩展插件

Pick colors from websites, save colors & gradients, get matching shades and tints and create beautiful gradients.

Color by Fardos-Fardos的颜色-Chrome扩展插件基本信息

扩展名称:Color by Fardos-Fardos的颜色-Chrome扩展插件
扩展版本:0.1.5    大小:423K
插件语言:English (United States)
用户数量:5160    评分:5.0(共5分)

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Color by Fardos-Fardos的颜色-Chrome扩展插件介绍










第一个工具是滴管器。我们的滴管使用缩放技术,可以准确地为您提供最接近悬停的颜色。您可以通过右键单击页面或Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + e来访问吸管。我们确保采摘颜色的过程平稳,快速,高效。当您在任何网站上进行颜色选择时,我们会从网站生成图片,并确定光标的确切位置以找到该颜色。从任何网站中选择多种颜色,单击“保存并退出”,它们将自动添加到您的整体保存中。

第二个工具是颜色搜索。在开发此功能时,我们考虑了我们的个人经验,发现找到彼此匹配的颜色是最困难的事情之一。我们会去很多网站找到我们想要的东西。我们浪费了太多时间才能获得一致的颜色。如果您是设计师或开发人员,您就知道我们在谈论什么。使用Color by Fardos,现在需要几秒钟才能获得匹配的颜色组合,如Shades,Tints,Complementary,Triadic,Analogous,Split Complementary和Tetradic颜色。在任何颜色中,都会出现新的相似颜色的爆炸,这些颜色将完美地结合在一起,所有颜色都集成在一个扩展中 在您选择的任何颜色中,您现在可以保存这些颜色,以便随身携带。我们确保这是一个功能,因为每个人都知道尝试找到他们之前使用的颜色的痛苦。在任何Google Chrome浏览器上访问这些颜色都非常简单。





< br>有什么新想法可以改善颜色吗?请发送电子邮件至support@fardos.co,我们将对此进行调查。


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✅ Pick and save multiple colors from any site (using zoom technology)

✅ Save your favorite colors and gradients, click any color and it's HEX is saved to your clipboard

✅ Find shades, tints, complementary and other color combinations for any color

✅ Sync your colors between multiple Chrome Browsers

✅ Create linear or radial gradients with unlimited stops

✅ Browse hundreds of beautiful gradients, edit, save and copy it's CSS whenever you need it

✅ Get color palettes from any gradient you create

Using colors in designs is a very important thing. It can help people understand what the message is, who it is meant for and how to grab their attention. Color by Fardos creates a new way to choose more vibrant, compelling colors and gradients that will help you attract anyone you choose. It will save you a bunch of time and become your color buddy wherever you go.

There are 4 different built in tools to help you through your design journey.

The first tool is the Eye Dropper. Our eye dropper uses zoom technology that will accurately get you the closest color to where you hover over. You can access the eyedropper by right clicking the page or Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + e. We made sure the experience of picking colors was smooth, quick and efficient. When you color pick on any website, we generate a picture from the site, and pinpoint the exact location of your cursor to find that color. Choose as many colors from any site, click Save & Exit and they are automatically added to your overall saves.

The second tool is a Color Search. When developing this functionality, we took our personal experiences into consideration and found that finding colors that match each other was one of the hardest things. We would go to so many websites to find what we are looking for. We wasted so much time just to get the colors that worked together. If you are a designer or developer, you know what we are talking about. With Color by Fardos, it now takes seconds to get matching color combos like Shades, Tints, Complementary, Triadic, Analogous, Split Complementary and Tetradic colors. Within any color, there is an explosion of new similar colors that will work perfectly together all built into one extension. Within any color you choose, you can now save those colors so they stay with you wherever you go. We made sure this was a feature because everyone knows the pain of trying to find the color they used before. Accessing those colors on any Google Chrome browser is super easy.

The third tool is a Color Picker. We designed our color picker with a black theme because we wanted to remove any distraction when trying to choose that perfect color. Whenever you change the color, it automatically changes the selected color within the entire extension. So, if you change from white to black and go to Color Search, that color is now black. This allows for a much more fluent experience within the entire extension.

The fourth tool is Gradients. Gradients are incredibly painful to code. Finding the perfect blend of colors contributes largely to what works and what doesn't. We made sure that our gradient builder took that into consideration. With our gradient builder, every gradient is beautifully composed and generated. Add as many stops as you want, use your saved colors to make something beautiful, choose whether linear or radial and most importantly, save them so you can use them whenever you want. After you have created that gradient, all you have to do is click Copy CSS, and you are set. No more hassling if you missed a comma between your colors.

Every gradient comes with a generated palette. Whether you are creating your own gradients, choose one of our gradients, color palettes help you find the perfect blend-able color. Copy the colors just by clicking and start using them in your designs.

Stay tuned for more life changing extensions!

Have any new ideas to improve Color? Email us at support@fardos.co and we will look into it.

By using this add-on, you agree to the Fardos Terms & Conditions available at https://www.fardos.co/#/terms

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